Nose Work is a great sport for dogs and their humans. Nose Work builds on the instinctive drive dogs are born with to search based on their highly developed sense of smell. It builds confidence in dog and human alike. And, it’s not based on commands. The dog is trusted to do what it does best, sniff out the source of the hidden odor. The goal of Nose Work is to build a stronger bond with your dog and to have fun with your dog.

20151121GA-0986Nose Work Dog training with Gregory A. Kompes, utilizes the tools and techniques taught by the National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW). Gregory is soon to be an associate trainer (a trainer in training) with NACSW and offers both group and private training sessions in the Las Vegas (NV) area.

Atlas taking second place during an NW1 container search.

What you’ll find on the site is information about training sessions with Gregory, as well as a ton of information on the sport of Nose Work, and a bit of Gregory’s personal journey training his own dog, Atlas.